About the bags

  1. Do you make custom bags?
  2. How do your bag measurements work?
  3. Will my bag look exactly like the product photo?

Purchasing an item

  1. Which credit cards and forms of payment do you accept?
  2. How can I check the status of my order?
  3. Do you charge sales tax?
  4. What if the item I want is sold out?
  5. How do I purchase an item?

 Company policies

  1. What is your privacy policy?
  2. What is your shipping policy?
  3. What is your policy on cancellations, returns, and exchanges?

Contact information

  1. Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

About the bags

1) Do you make custom products?
We occasionally make custom pieces for our clients. If you are interested in a fully customized bag, please get in touch with us at info@restrepoleather.com. You can see more information about fully custom bags at http://laboratory.restrepoleather.com.

2) How do your bag measurements work?
All bag measurements in our online shop are height x width x depth. Height is measured from the top to the bottom (not including the handle), width is measured from one side to the other, and depth is measured from front to back. Some of our bags are not perfect rectangles - in these cases, we use the smallest or average measurement.  If you are concerned about fit for a particular item in one of our bags, please contact us.  

3) Will my bag look exactly like the product photo?
All of our bags are strictly hand-made to order.  As a result, no two individual bags are exactly alike.  

In addition, the colors in our product photos do not look the same on all computer screens. If you are concerned about the color of your item, please contact us at info@restrepoleather.com.

Purchasing a bag

1) Which credit cards and forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

2) How can I check the status of my order?
You will receive a confirmation email at the time of placing your order. You will also receive an email notifying you that your package has been shipped with an estimated arrival date. You can further check the status of your order by contacting us at info@restrepoleather.com.

3) Do you charge sales tax?
Sales tax will be charged on orders originating from the state of Wisconsin. No other orders will be charged sales tax.

4) What if the item I want is sold out?
All Restrepo Leather bags are hand-made to order, but we keep inventory for our wallets. If we are temporarily out of a material for our bags, we will notify you if the shortage will impact the timely delivery of your order.

Restrepo Leather wallets may sell out from time-to-time. If an item is sold out, we will say so on the product page, and you can send us an email at info@restrepoleather.com to let us know if you would like to be notified when we have the product back in stock.

5) How do I purchase an item?
• On the product page of the item that you would like to purchase, select the leather and suede colors for your bag. If you would like a complimentary monogram, please specify that on the product page.
• Click on "Add to Cart." You can access your Cart at any time by clicking the icon at the top right of the site.
• To remove an item from your Cart, click the number of items in your cart at the top right hand corner of any page (e.g. "1 Item") and click "Remove" next to the item quantity.
• Select your payment method from the options offered and enter in the appropriate information.
• Enter in the appropriate billing and shipping addresses.
• Review the details of the order. Once all of these details are correct, you can proceed by clicking the "Checkout" button.
• Congratulations! You've just made a purchase with Restrepo Leather and you will see a confirmation that your order is complete. We will send an email to confirm your order. You can inquire about your order information and status at any time by emailing info@restrepoleather.com. We will send you an additional email to let you know your order has shipped and the estimated arrival date. This will include tracking information.
• Any questions you may have before making your purchase should be directed to info@restrepoleather.com.

Company policies

1) What is your privacy policy?
We respect your right to privacy and only collect information necessary for us to complete your order or to contact you regarding the status of your order. We will not sell or share your name or personal information with anyone. Please see our full Privacy Policy for more information.

2) What is your shipping policy?
All orders originate from our office in Bogota, Colombia. Delivery time on all orders is variable, depending on the season and the bag. Your order confirmation email should provide more information regarding expected delivery time. Once in a blue moon a bag will take longer than was originally foreseen. As all of our bags are custom made by hand, we ask for your patience on these rare occasions.

If you have any questions regarding our current expected delivery times before purchasing a product, please send us an email at info@restrepoleather.com.

All orders shipped to the U.S. & Canada receive free shipping. 

3) What is your policy on cancellations, returns, and exchanges?
Due to the fact that our bags are hand-made to order in Bogotá, Colombia, all Restrepo Leather orders are final. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed, cancelled, returned, or exchanged. Please make sure of your order before purchasing. Feel free to contact us at info@restrepoleather.com with any questions before placing your order.

However, we always stand by the structural integrity of our bags. If there is a structural problem with your bag, please let us know and we will get in touch with you about replacing or repairing that item free-of-charge.

Contact information

1) Whom should I contact if I have further questions?
Always feel free to contact info@restrepoleather.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. For press inquires, contact us at press@restrepoleather.com.