The Barter Economy

Those of you who ordered bags around the holidays last year probably should have received a beautiful tassel keychain and gift card. I personally made all of the tassel keychains (and will do so again this year), but the card was made by our friend Laurin at Liontail Press. We had long admired her work, and were really excited to have her make the cards. The best part was that the feeling was mutual.

Letterpress holiday cardIt turns out that Laurin had been lusting after our leather goods, and so we jumped at the chance to do a barter. I made Laurin a custom Candelaria Wallet in whiskey leather with blue suede in exchange for the letterpress cards.

Strictly handmade leather wallet in whiskey leatherWe're getting ready for this year's holiday season, and we've already worked out a new barter to keep the tradition going. We were curious how last year's wallet was doing, and Laurin was kind enough to send us a picture - what a beauty.

Whiskey Candelaria Wallet strictly handmadeIf any of you are interested in a barter, please let us know.





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