How to Care for Your Leather

Many of you have told us, "I love my bag/wallet! What should I do to take care of it?"

Step 1 is to use it. Our products are designed to look better with age, and the only way to develop that gorgeous patina is through use. Plus, the oils from your hands will help keep the leather hydrated. 

The biggest threat to leather is drying out. If you notice that your leather is looking a little dry or overly scratched, you could apply some leather conditioner or oil. There are almost as many leather care products as there are leather bag companies, but one product that I'm a fan of is the Blackrock Leather 'n' Rich sold by Sheridan Leather. First, wipe down the leather with a clean cloth. Then apply just a dab of conditioner with your finger and rub it in to re-hydrate the leather. It's better to start out with not enough conditioner and then add more as needed.

If your your bag is going to be exposed to the elements, you could also apply a thin layer of wax dressing. Go easy on the wax, as it will dry out the leather more quickly than normal, but it will also make your bag more waterproof. I'm a fan of Sheridan Leather's Beeswax Dressing

Remember that good leather is a material that is supposed to change and get better with age. You want to take good care of it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't look the exact same months or years down the line. That's what gives it its unique personality. 



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