The Risk is Wanting to Stay

Every week on Quora I see a new question asking what it's like to live in Bogotá. This is a loud, crazy, polluted city of 8 million people. It's pretty hard to sum up what life is like in a nice, pithy sentence. Bogotá has both a Maserati dealership and sprawling, impoverished slums, so it's clear that life is not the same for everyone. 


[caption id="attachment_1665" align="aligncenter" width="300"]How the 1% lives in Bogota How the 1% lives in Bogota[/caption]

I'll speak about what I know best: life as an American expat. It's pretty wonderful. Our experiences have run the expat gamut. We arrived without jobs or a plan, and lived with 4 other people in a shared apartment whose couches had seen better days. It was so much fun. We traveled, went to parties, met lots of interesting people (Colombian and otherwise), and hosted biweekly dinners with everyone we knew in Colombia. 

First Bogota Apartment

Soon thereafter, we moved into our new apartment and got jobs. That's another perk of being an English-speaking expat in Colombia: an English teacher can easily make 2 million pesos per month, almost 3 times the Colombian minimum wage and more than enough to live off of.

We have a fresh produce market three blocks from our apartment, some of the best restaurants in the city three blocks in the other direction, and one of our favorite pastimes is watching the sun set over Bogota from our balcony.

Sunset from the Apartment


What's not to like?



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