What we're thankful for this year

  1. César: For teaching us leatherworking and for designing amazingly gorgeous leather products.
  2. Our customers: We have always believed that our products are beautiful and unique, but it's always kind of a miracle to us every time we sell a bag. We're thankful that there are others in the world who appreciate high-quality goods over fast fashion.
  3. Our U.S. "distribution center": A mom-and-pop business is rarely just the mom and pop. In this case, Robin's mom, Alice, has been dutifully mailing out tassels and wallets for all of our holiday orders out of her basement. We couldn't do it without her.
  4. Colombia: This beautiful, chaotic country is too often known for some of its less desirable elements. But really its attribute that has struck us most is the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. We're so thankful that we caught the bug.
  5. GQ: They say it's better to be lucky than to be good. We're thankful to have a little bit of both. We're grateful that GQ reached out to us a few months ago and chose to feature our bag in their "Best Stuff of 2013." 
  6. Juan, Luis, José, and Alejandra: Without them, Restrepo Leather wouldn't exist. They chose to devote their lives to being artisans and adding beauty to this world.
  7. Other expats: We're far away from family this November, but we're excited to celebrate Thanksgivukkah with the close friends we've made here in Bogotá. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all!



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