An Ode to My Tote

The first bag that Jerry made for me was the Bogota Tote. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it - I'm little, and I don't typically carry large handbags, so I thought it might be too much. But I fucking love it and use it all. the. time.

Walking with Bogota Tote

First of all, I love the handles. They're made with natural leather, which means that no color is added to the leather in the tanning process. Though natural leather looks a little weird at first (kind of fleshy, reminding you that it came from an actual animal), over time and with some sun and sweat, it develops a gorgeous patina. I love that the handles change, and I love their contrast with the darker chestnut leather of the bag.

Handles with natural leather

Second of all, I love that I can take this bag absolutely anywhere. I use it to carry a bottle of wine over to a friend's place for dinner. I use it when traveling to stash a book, my passport, and a bottle of water. But it's not pretentious either - I use it all the time when I go to the corner store to pick up some groceries. No canvas grocery bags for me.

Buying snacks at street vendor with leather tote bag

Third of all, I love that Jerry made it. It was one of the first bags he made, before he really knew what he was doing. He didn't use great leather or high-quality thread, because he didn't know then how to pick them out. The stitching isn't perfect. But he put in hours of love and sweat into it. I love when people ask where I got my bag and can say that Jerry made it for me.

Last of all, I love that Jerry didn't intentionally make the bag for me. He thought that the tote could serve as a men's bag and made it for himself, though I quickly convinced him otherwise. 



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