Dressing up: The T-shirt

In high school, we had a pretty simple, typical dress code: tuck your shirt in, and it should probably have a collar.  College, though... there you can wear anything at all.  T-shirt, gym shorts, and flip flops to class?  Absolutely!  It was time to throw out all the over-sized polo shirts from my high school days and figure out a new approach.

That's when I discovered Threadless.  Though they didn't invent the graphic t-shirt, the folks at Threadless made it much, much better.  I own at least a dozen of their user-submitted-designs-turned-t-shirts, many of which I brought down with me to Colombia.  

T-shirts, while decidedly casual and informal, are a vital wardrobe staple, invaluable any time of the year.  I've worn my Threadless shirts to work, to the gym, and to the beach.  Since my college days though, I find myself rocking a t-shirt by itself less and less.  These days, they go under sweaters or blazers.  Most of all, I now get them covered in paint stains while I work on leather bags.

Hormigas culonas + threadless shirt

[caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="532" caption="2 Threadless shirts!"][/caption]




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