Father's Day

The shoes I wore to my wedding were a pair of 30-year-old shell cordovan bluchers that my father gifted to me when I was in the 9th grade.  I didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of those shoes when he gave them to me, but their durability amazes me to this day.  

Dad has never been an extravagant spender or dresser, wearing his dress shoes until they got holes in them, patching the elbows of his sweaters instead of going out to buy new ones.  In this same vein, he’d been using the same ancient, stained, polyester Dell laptop bag as his briefcase for at least seven years.  

As a son who had recently discovered leatherworking, I decided that it was my filial obligation to make him a beautiful replacement.  I spent roughly sixty hours working on the sleek, black, double-gusset briefcase that replaced his old clunker.  Dad told me that it was the greatest gift he had ever received, and now he has a new briefcase for the next 30 years.

Jerry Tolochko and his father



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