Restrepo Leather - The Beginning

You never know where life will take you. When Jerry and I quit our jobs in Washington, DC to move to Bogota, Colombia, we didn't know what to expect.

Robin and Jerry Tolochko

Then a friend took a leather-working class and convinced us to do the same. We have since spent countless hours in the leather workshop in our neighborhood learning the art.

Leather-working is both creative and analytical. You have to learn to problem-solve and also let go. You have to strive for perfection but know that you are imperfect. It is communal – laughing and talking with the other artisans and students – yet it is individual, internal, immersing yourself in the work at hand.

Jerry Tolochko working on leather

We want to share these bags with you. Not the ones Jerry and I make – we are still learning and perfecting the craft – but rather bags made by the professional leather artisans who dedicate themselves to this work.

We are excited to share our passion with you. Enjoy.



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