The Beauty of Patina

Following up on our post about caring for your leather, many people ask me how they can prevent their Restrepo Leather products from getting scratched or from showing signs of use. These people are going about it all wrong. While you don't want to abuse a bag, leather is a natural material and will change with time. These natural color changes and small scratches that reflect how the owner uses the product are commonly referred to as patina and should be welcomed. 

Below, you can see an early prototype of the Bogota Tote, which Robin has used regularly for three years. Note the darkening in the color of the leather from its original flesh color.

Bogota Tote Handles

Patina isn't exclusive to leather. As Tom Armitage discusses in this 2010 blog post, patina is all around us; it's what makes the world beautiful.

Wear is, of course, both a noun and a verb. It’s the verb that inevitably happens through use, and it’s the noun that the verb leaves behind. Patina is the history of a product written into its skin.

Quality product design takes the aging of a product into account and ensures that the product only gets more beautiful as it ages.




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