Restrepo Leather Grows Stateside

After almost four years in Colombia, the Tolochkos are moving to the U.S., and we're bringing some of Restrepo Leather with us.

Campus and downtown Madison, Wisconsin(Photo from here)

We're going on a coast-to-coast road trip around the United States, from Atlanta, to L.A., to Seattle, and then to Madison, with stops everywhere in between.

When we finally land in Madison, some big changes are in store for our growing leather business. We're planning on opening a flagship store in Madison with our full range of products on display and leatherworking classes on offer. Madison is a city that really promotes small business and entrepreneurship, and we can't wait to join that community. 

That said, the leather artisans who make our gorgeous products are, and always will remain, in Bogota. Our roots are Colombian, we're just going to plant some of them in American soil. 

Robin and Jerry Madison(Family photo in front of the Wisconsin state capitol building)

Hasta pronto,
Robin (& Jerry & Moses)

P.S. We'll be bringing products with us on our road trip, so please let us know if you would like to see our wares in person.

P.P.S. Would you be interested in leatherworking classes? Do you live in Madison or know someone who does who we should be in touch with? Any tips on finding a store/workshop space? Let us know! 



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