Visit to the Leather Tannery

Inspecting leather at the tannery

I love visiting the leather tannery and seeing where they convert raw hides to beautiful, strong leather. Whenever we go, we always want to buy a little bit of everything, they're all so different. MUST. RESIST.

Examining new leather swatchesThis trip was specifically for picking out hides for some new products we have coming down the pipeline. Most of our current designs are made with fairly rigid leather (about 2 mm thick), but we've been getting requests for soft, colorful options, like our yellow tote

The family-owned tannery we work with is great about listening to what we're looking for and making pretty much anything we want. Thanks to Gabriel for working with us (check out his badass leather apron/skirt). 

Talking with Gabriel about different leather options

We always learn something new. This time, we learned the difference between Colombian sabanero leather that comes from the valleys near Bogota versus the llanero leather from the low-lying plains. The sabanero leather tends to be better quality because the cows are carefully tended, whereas the llanero hides often come with more brands and flea bites since the cows tend to wander around on the plains. Obviously our bags are made with sabanero, the highest quality leather you can find in Colombia.

Black leather hangs at leather tannery



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