A Beacon on a Hill

You can't escape U.S. election coverage, even in Colombia. The election was all over local news networks for the past several months, and El Tiempo even had its own election map (y'all know I loved that). 

El Tiempo election map

Colombians knew far more about the U.S. presidential campaigns than most Americans know about any other country's politics. With good reason: as the most powerful country in the world, American politics influences people far beyond our own borders. The opinions I've heard from people here range everywhere from being elated about Obama to disappointment that Romney didn't win to insisting that the Colombian government will be a puppet of the U.S. government regardless of who's president. 

El Espectador election coverage

Living overseas, you realize that as an American voter, you actually have an impact on the lives of people all over the world. I'm grateful that we were able to send in our absentee ballots while living abroad - many Colombians I spoke with were amazed that we could participate in American elections while not physically going to a polling place. How long before we're able to vote online?



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