What's in a Name: Carlos Restrepo

With all this talk about the upcoming presidential election, I think we can all relate with this girl

So let's talk about a president from a different country and century. Enter Carlos Eugenio Restrepo Restrepo (yes, he had not one, but two Restrepo last names!), president of Colombia from 1910-1914.

Colombian President - Carlos E. Restrepo Restrepo

Now this is a guy I'm proud to share a name with. Not only was he president, but he wrote poetry, founded the Red Cross in his hometown, and had a perfect mustache. 

And if that doesn't make him cool enough, during a time when the Conservatives and Liberals in Colombia were in constant disagreement, he was known for his promotion of peace, for governing the nation as a whole, and not playing politics. Now that's a lesson that we can all learn from, wherever we are.

Our name comes with a great legacy. This is part of an on-going series at Restrepo Leather to highlight the other Restrepos of the world.

Research and photo from Wikipedia and Banco de la Republica.



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