Corrientazo: The Colombian Greasy Spoon

Corrientazo - a slang word that refers to a lunch catered to the needs of Colombia’s working class: it’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s hearty. 

Colombian food

The corrientazo is ubiquitous in Bogota, and there’s a strong sense of community in this mid-day ritual. In our neighborhood market, La Plaza de Mercado de La Perseverancia, people from all social strata sit together at communal tables to eat. The market is an incredible spot indeed. It’s a beautiful building where you can buy all your groceries, as well as flowers, fruit salads, and ice cream. In the middle of the market sits the food court, which fills up everyday with hungry Colombians (and a few gringos lucky enough to be in the know, like us).

A market in Bogota

Meet Doña Monica, the owner and head chef of our favorite food stand at the market. Doña Monica migrated to Bogota from Cartagena 15 years ago. Here, she serves up all the coastal favorites she learned how to cook from her grandmother, including fried plantain and coconut rice. 

Colombian Restaurant

We had lunch at Doña Monica’s  yesterday and we’ll most likely be there again tomorrow (same time, same place)!

Colombian food



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