Jerry's Custom-made Workbench


Jerry Tolochko with his workbench

When Jerry decided to purchase a new workbench for his in-home workshop, it was only logical that the table be custom-made by the neighborhood carpenter, Ronnie.

Portrait of Ronnie

One’s workbench is a special thing, and it has to be suitable for the artist’s work preferences. A good workbench is as tall as the leatherworker’s hips, wide enough to spread out all necessary tools and materials, and made with strong wood. So we collaborated with Ronnie to design the perfect workbench for Jerry: a smooth, long table with four legs, no bells and whistles. Like with most good things in life, Jerry had to wait a little while for his new workbench. Ronnie runs a small-scale operation, which although meant a longer wait time for Jerry, ultimately means the quality and beauty of his work is exceptional. We popped in frequently to chat with Ronnie and the gang and check out the progress of the table.

Cutting Wood

Ronnie with Jerry's new workbench



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