Where in the world is Restrepo Leather?

Jerry and I recently traveled to Poland for a wedding and decided to visit a few different countries. I’d been all over Latin America, but it was my first time to (western) Europe. In addition to checking out all of the beautiful people, we found ourselves checking out different styles of leather bags for inspiration.

The Old World history and architecture also provided plenty of inspiration. Here’s a little Restrepo Leather quiz: we took photos throughout our trip with our leather business cards in front of famous European landmarks. Can you guess where and what they are? The answers are at the bottom, but no cheating!


Restrepo Leather at the Eiffel Tower


Restrepo Leather at the Arc de Triomphe


Restrepo Leather at Notre Dame


Restrepo Leather at the Palace of Versailles


Restrepo Leather in Paris, France


Restrepo Leather at the Wawel Castle


Plaza Mayor


Restrepo Leather at the Castle of Culture and Science/Eurocup Fan Zone


Restrepo Leather at St. Mary’s Basilica



Answer Key:

1) Paris, France: Eiffel Tower
2) Paris, France: Arc de Triomphe
3) Paris, France: Notre Dame
4) Versailles, France: Palace of Versailles
5) Paris, France: Dinner
6) Krakow, Poland: Wawel Castle
7) Madrid, Spain: Plaza Mayor 
8) Warsaw, Poland: Castle of Culture and Science/Eurocup Fan Zone
9) Krakow, Poland: St. Mary’s Basilica  



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