Suspenders: Provocative or Classy?

Jerry Tolochko model shot

At one time suspenders were considered to be undergarments, and it was quite risqué to show them in public. In 1938, one town in Long Island, New York, even tried to prohibit the use of suspenders without a jacket.

Like many important fashion movements, braces, as suspenders are known outside of the U.S., are the brainchild of 18th-century France. What started out as simply pieces of ribbon tied to trouser buttonholes has evolved into a fashion icon as eminent as the top hat.

Restrepo Leather’s Co-Founder Jerry Tolochko recently found that his favorite jeans were a bit loose, and that was the only excuse he needed to make himself some leather suspenders. Though no longer thought of as provocative, they’re still in style.

Jerry Tolochko working on leather

Husband and wife

Editor's note: We've gotten a lot of great feedback about suspenders. We wanted to highlight some leatherworking that Jerry has been doing in his free time, but for now, Restrepo Leather will stick to strictly selling leather bags.



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